ELA and Math Proficiency Rates 2021-2023

Please be aware when comparing statewide assessment results year-to-year — changes in state assessment type and pandemic irregularities may yield inaccurate comparisons.

ELA Student Group Proficiency Trend Comparison

Math Student Group Proficiency Trend Comparison


All Students

Percentage point increase in ELA since 2021


Percentage point increase in Math since 2021


Assessments Used

2022-2023: Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP)

2021-2022: Maryland Comprehensive Assessment Program (MCAP)

2020-2021: PARCC

2018-2019: PARCC

2017-2018: PARCC

2016-2017: PARCC

2015-2016: PARCC

2014-2015: PARCC

Participation Rate

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