A quick recap of “Measurement Matters”

A quick recap of “Measurement Matters”

By Dale Chu

Last Tuesday, I had the pleasure of hosting the first of three online events delving into the proper role of assessments in the wake of COVID-19. My guests were Chris Woolard, Senior Executive Director for Performance and Impact at the Ohio Department of Education, and Bill Porter, Partner at Education First. With their depth of experience and considerable expertise, both brought plenty of food for thought when it comes to why states and districts need to focus on assessment and how they might best go about doing so.

My big takeaway from the conversation—thanks to the considerations surfaced by Bill, Chris, and event attendees—is that getting a handle on the COVID slide will vary by context, but it should happen early wherever possible (i.e., before the beginning of the coming school year, which means planning must begin now) and that parents should have a role given how the nation has depended upon them to be the primary teacher of students since school buildings shuttered last March. States can and should play a helping and supportive role, without being overbearing, by providing guidance and resources to schools and districts. Students will be better served if teachers approach measuring learning loss as part of an overarching instructional strategy rather than as an isolated event.

I’m biased, of course, but the high turnout exceeded expectations and I couldn’t have imagined a better duo to help kick things off. To read a full summary of the event, click here.

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